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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  November 12, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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. good morning and thank you for joining us. time now is 7:00 and as you get up and get out the door, ed is here to take a look at the weather. >> heading out this morning, you may need a light jacket or the long sleeves. but all in all, we are talking picture perfect weather for the weekend. starting off now, it is 59 degrees. you'll notice that vail of the mid- and high level clouds out there this morning but no rain in the area. we are off to a dry start, 66 in tampa. if you're out the door in inverness and crystal river, you could need the extra layer this morning. a little cool, crisp to start, generally a mix in the 60s this morning. false echoes on the radar this morning, just mid- and high
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southeast. we are under an hour away from the heart walk, 61 degrees at raymond james stadium this morning, and average temperatures overall with 79 today, overnight lows near average, 60 degrees. coming up, we'll look at details for the weekend and the workweek, coming up in a few minutes. thank you very much. right now st. petersburg police are investigating the shooting in the 4600 avenue. investigators say a 20-year-old woman was shot and taken to the hospital but she is expected to survive. we are working on getting updates and we'll bring you that information as soon as we get it. a deadly crash on u.s. 27 in polk county is under investigation. a pickup truck slammed into a semi's trailer as it was
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the scene. her 77-year-old husband was seriously injured and air lifted to a hospital in orlando. the semi truck driver was not injured. a clearwater doctor is behind bars after prescribing himself more than 6,000 oxycodone pillings. alfred chapman is accused of using the names of five people to forge and fill prescriptions. this happened after his license was suspended in june. he faces a 7-year mandatory pr trafficking. the widow of a gunned down clerk is begging for your help to find her husband's killer. two weeks ago mohamed alam was gunned down outside the qt gas station. police believe robbers
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>> investigators found a cell phone but haven't been able to track down his killer. a $5,000 reward is offered. if you have information, call crime stoppers. more protests across the country against president-elect donald trump. we are now learning at least one person was shot during a protest in portland, oregon. this was the scene in one of three separate marches in that state. police used tear gas to the shooting that happened as protesters were marching over the bridge. in l.a., a crowd grew to about 3,000 people. they marched to city hall and continued on through the streets. at least two people were arrested there. several too many in demonstrations in miami friday night, another area that
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many carried signs opposing the deportation of undocumented immigrants. and demonstrators were also out in ybor city. at least a couple dozen were in the streets but protests ended peacefully there. this morning more details about the president-elect's inner circle as he prepares to transition at the white house. three of his adult children are in and governor chris christie gets . >> reporter: a flurry of activity in trump tower as the president-elect starts to figure out who will run his government. >> what's on the agenda? >> transition. >> are you in the works for anything? >> just giving advice. >> how about ag? >> just giving advice. >> reporter: and mike pence is taking over the transition from chris christie. sources say pence has proven to
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steadfast defenders. >> i'm mostly grateful to our president-elect. >> reporter: and three of trump's children will be in. >> it suggests to me there may not be the necessary separation between a business enterprise and the governmental function. it's very important that president trump separate the two because of the entanglements only potential conflicts of interest. >> reporter the person charged with running the white house and navigating a path between the west wing and tap capitol hill. . >> it should be someone who is there not to please the president, even though they serve at the president's pleasure. they have to tell him what he needs to know, not what he
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many of whom are new to washington, have a lot of catching up to do. some seemed overwhelmed and many have never worked in government before. this next three months a trial by fire. trump gets presidential daily briefings briefings but his team has not reached out to the pentagon or state department, asking for patience as the team navigates the transition process. >> florida's attorney general pam bondi was also appointed to trump's team. happening today, the 2016 heart walk sponsored by newschannel 8. thanks to your help, this year we raised more than $114,000. that's a lot of money. and the walk is getting underway in just a few hours,
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stadium. >> reporter: good morning. it's a lot of money but it's for such a great cause. joining me now live is someone who also raised a lot of money for a great cause. he's a nurse at tampa general. you said this is a very close topic to you? >> this is near and dear to my heart, no pun intended. to be part of tampa general and raise $100,000 for the all right association is just incredible. i've been involved about the last 8 years. through the community through our families, that's why we do this. we walk for our family members, for our community. >> reporter: and you said this was near and dear to you because you're a survivor of a serious heart attack? >> in 2010 i had a heart attack. i was 39 years old and survived. it was one of the pivotal moments of my life. to help me move on, i got attached with an organization
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are very important on this subject. >> reporter: and what does it mean for you to be healthy today, to be out here in this beautiful weather and giving back to the community and other people who have heart disease? >> it's the only thing that matters. me standing here today, that's the gift. when you get a gift, you give a gift. so this is part of what i do. >> reporter: thank you. again, a lot of people out here have very similar stories, walking fo dad or siblings. and we have a tent out here, so we'd love for you to come by and say hello. thank you to everyone who contributed for such a good cause. >> thank you. we have a consumer alert. k-mart and sears may go out of business within the next two years. here in the bay area, the tyrone square sears store is closing in january.
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jobs. the current employees say news of the closing wasn't a shock. >> it's sad but it's been coming at this point. you know, we've been thinking about it a long time. so it will be interesting to see how it coincides with christmas. >> sears will almost certainly face bankruptcy since suppliers are holding deliveries for fear they won't get paid. but as expect to find big discounts in time for the holidays. coming up, how one nasty pest has made a comeback and what you should look out for,
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. after 60 years in hiding, tropical bedbugs are reemerging across florida. they were found in merritt island. they spread fast and leave behind swollen red itchy spots on your skin. the more they munch, the more they reproduce. >> you get a female who gets a blood meal from someone, she can lay thousands of eggs and may not need another blood meal for weeks and weeks and weeks. >> if you thought it couldn't get any better, unfortunately
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repeatedly. local pest control services say there have been no sightings so far in the bay area. some classrooms are trading in traditional seating for seats that keep kids moving, helping kids focus on school work. >> reporter: in this classroom full of 6 and 7-year-olds, sit up straight and sit still are probably words you won't hear. >> it's the wired. they just thrive that way. >> reporter: she switched out most of her traditional seating for wiggle chairs, bouncy balls and bean bags, to help the wiggle worms. >> i like to go around. >> reporter: and they can steady their minds and behavior. for those with attention deficit disorder, small amounts of stimulation can be a huge difference. >> they are fidgety u may have
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they just need more activity. that helps the part of their brain that is focused on working memory to be able to be alert and hone in on the correct stimuli. >> reporter: and different ways children learn have shown diversity that makes for a productive payoff. >> each about $70. some schools are provided with a grant or donated funds to buy them. a live look at downtown tampa this saturday morning. the full storm team 8 forecast is coming up. we'll tell you, you don't want
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. 7:17 now this saturday nice start, a clear start. some areas are also dealing with clouds here, mainly mid- and high level clouds. you can see the sun able to breakthrough here and there. 61 degrees at veterans ford with a light breeze at this time. we'll call for a good amount of sunshine, especially for the second half of the day. clouds this morning streaming in, 62 degrees at 8:00 for the heart walk. so a little bit of a cool start
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nicely, mid-70s by noon and upper 70s for the high. right now 54 brooksville and zephyrhills. the cooler spots include inverness and crystal river, both with 50 degrees, and 59 in bartow right now. dew points are fairly low, really low over portions of north florida. we have drier air near the surface but in the mid- to upper levels, the shades of blue and green, that's mid- and high level moisture streami that's resulting in the cloudiness. that's why it's way above our heads. the atmosphere is very dry near the surface, no rain expected for us for today. there's the breakdown of the weekend. for your saturday, we are expecting gorgeous weather. again, a nice warmup, especially for the second half of the day as temperatures hit 79 degrees, winds light. anything you're doing outside, the weather will cooperate today and also for sunday. sunday, 80 degrees.
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bears, 77 at 1:00 for that game. it will be pretty nice there if you're heading out to ray j. on the water, northeast winds turning west of the 10 knots, seas around 2 feet, just a light chop on the bay and inland waters. overall looking good if you're taking the boat out today. 80 tomorrow, 78 on monday, and we have small shower chances then we have another push of dry air for midweek. wednesday and thursday, mid-70s and sunshine, picture perfect weather. >> and today you still have time to make it to the heart walk. >> that's right, 40 minutes to go. head to ray j right now. of all the insane plays made last night, you would think these kids are in college. one, the high school playoffs week one, and teams brought
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we have the highlights next on
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? ? remember when christmas was magical? let's get back there. celebrate the arrival of santa at bass pro shops this saturday and the unveiling of santa's wonderland. time passes. hold on to christmas. . good morning. friday night was week one of the playoffs, my favorite time of year in football. all these games matter now.
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one night. our game of the week, lake gibson and hillsborough. >> the braves finished 9-0, terriers with one loss, only the armwood. who would advance to the next round of the postseason? >> reporter: the lake gibson braves come into the game of the week matchup with a stingy defense, on points a game. can the terriers give them their first loss of season? i don't know. to the highlights we go. from the coin toss to the last second of the game, this game was rocking. but in the beginning, it was both squads defense that took control of the game. in the second quarter, thomas from the gun, and he slings it deep to a wide open mj link.
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now the terriers turn. tyler thomas rolls right, and it's easy. now the terriers are back inside the red zone and bell jr. gets them, leaving the braves secondary like they were doing the mannequin challenge. and back comes lake gibson. they would miss the extra point that would have jones comes toting a rock, terriers biting his ankles but jones carried them to the finish. and the braves go onto win it and stay undefeated at 10-0. >> let's go to class 7a, plant panthers perfect on the season, hosting winter haven. they got into the playoffs in a
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early. late in the first, their and goal, now panthers on top 10-0. then plant scores and scores and keeps scoring in the second quarter. this is a third down run, just watch the first. how about a 43-yard touchdown? 16-0 plant at that point, and william tate, what a nightmare night he had. the receivers, and then a pick six. panthers reeled off 42 points in the second quarter, 59-6 the final. >> and wiregrass and lakeland. the bulls don't have allstate insurance. an 80-yard run sped up for your viewing pleasure. and it's time to get naughty. i want that hat.
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the kickoff lands with minor, who's set up for a major return, all the way to the crib, much of the chagrin of the guy with the mullet. wiregrass ranch within one. but willie baker has the oven set at 98. yards, that is. >> miles an hour. >> that too. back to back kickoff returns for touchdowns, three straight scoring plays, and the robinson with the 43-20 win. lakeland versus plant next week and i'm calling it now, that's our game of the week. >> who will be the team of the week? tune in next thursday to find out. last week's team jesuit motoring through the playoffs. >> not many of these trophies left. >> and usf, winning the home opener last night,
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have a great saturday. this morning thousands are lacing up for the american heart association heart walk. we are live at raymond james stadium with the last minute preparations for the walk. and bullying in schoolings after the election of donald trump. coming up, how one school district is handling postelection comments in classrooms. z25egz z16fz
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. it is officially the weekend and this is a live look at raymond james stadium this saturday morning. thank you for joining us. our top stories this morning, portland police are investigating a shootings at an antitrump demonstration overnight. police hurled tear gas and flash bang grenades to disperse and miami, and even here in ybor city. st. petersburg police are investigating a shooting on the 4600 block of 13th avenue. investigators tell us a 20-year- old woman was shot just after 11:00 on friday and was taken to bayfront health in st. pete with nonlife-threatening injuries. this morning the widow of a gunned down store clerk is begging for your help, making a
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killer. two weeks ago he was gunned down outside the qt gas station. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. tampa police are trying to track down the person who killed a tampa man at a convenience store. we brought you to story as breaking news on thursday night. 56-year-old gregory walker died near this sunoco station off nebraska avenue. at this point police don't know who did it or why. . time now 7:31. ed is here with saturday morning weather. beautiful conditions. we have the headlines this morning, and the weekend is looking great for us with low humidity, near average temperatures. couldn't ask for much more. we have small rain chances, arriving once we get into early next week. between now and then, bone dry conditions. and we are talking about the supermoon monday night, appearing 14% larger and 30% brighter. more on that coming up. beautiful start at lakewood
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some of these clouds across the skies this morning, providing for beautiful sunrises across the area this morning. 52 for crystal river and inverness, tampa and st. pete 56. those numbers stop shy of the 80 degrees mark today. right now we have scattered clouds streaming in but no rain there, dry air holding for saturday and sunday. by monday and tuesday the rain chances come u the next cold front. we'll have small rain chances and looks like drier air comes by next week. we'll have a look at the complete full forecast coming up in a few minutes. thank you very much. president-elect donald trump's transition team is quickly taking shape with the announcement of its core members. rudy giuliani and newt gingrich will join three of trump's children as key advisors.
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transition, replacing governor chris christie. and florida's attorney general pam bondi was also appointed to the team. she came under fire during the campaign over allegations she didn't pursue an investigation into trump university in exchange for a campaign donation. bondi denied the allegations and continues to support trump. there's been a lot of drama, and since donald trump schools. one district in utah is taking measures to handle it. >> i've heard of middle school and high schoolers saying this, but downtown to the age of kindergarten, that just really broke my heart. >> reporter: a verbal exchange from one young student to another, leaving a father in disbelief. >> i didn't realize kids this age knew about this.
7:34 am
voted for trump. >> reporter: then the conversation took a concerning turn. >> they started saying, well, you're mexican, so you're going to go to a different school now. and you're going back to mexico. >> not very nice civil discourse going on. >> reporter: district officials are aware of it, receiving a handful of similar reportings. they are dealing with it on a case they can't do it alone. >> we have an obligation as a school system and as a society to teach our kids appropriate interactions. >> reporter: and it's not about politics or the president. it's about people doing their part to be sure hate speech in all forms is stopped. >> talk to them and say that this behavior of bullying or
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>> officials are asking students and parents to report harassment and using this as an educational moment to promote kindness, encouraging students to use #makeamericakindagain. . the largo clinic and med spa is one of the first places in florida offering medical marijuana exams. fewer than 100 doctors in the state are qualified to and have a medical condition that qualifies for marijuana under state law. for patients prescribed the medical marijuana, there is still a 90-day waiting period to get the drug. the first woman to serve as attorney general of the united states is being remembered in miami. a publishing memorial will be held for janet reno on december 11th at the kendall campus of miami-dade college. she died at 78 years old after
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disease. she served under president bill clinton from 1993 to 2001. happening today, the 2016 heart walk sponsored by newschannel 8. thanks to your help this year, we have raised more than $114,000. the walk gets underway in just a few minutes. that's where we find newschannel 8's jana jones this morning. i see you you at this point. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of stuff going on here, a lot of money you just mentioned. this is for such a great cause. i wanted to show you the support of the community this morning. there are hundreds, maybe thousands of people out here today, all for the same purpose: walking for family members. joining me live, a survivor herself. i want to hear some of your story. you had a good outcome to your
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>> yes. i had symptoms so minimal that you don't know you have it. but we had an accidental find on an echocardiogram. it has to be removed. so i'm happy to be here and happy to support the heart walk. thank you. >> and these great stacie schaible's team. >> get yourself checked out. if you have something, you know your body. if something doesn't feel right to you, follow your gut and get to your doctor and explain that. >> thank you to everyone else who donated to this great cause. newschannel 8 has a team out
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come meet the talent, we'd love to shake your hand. and thank you to all who have donated to this great cause. >> thank you, jana. across the bay area, ceremonies were held yesterday to honor veterans and active military. an evening event was held at the military court of honor in largo, featuring bands and activities as well as remarks from david jolly. it was the veterans own words in perspective. >> therefore, i believe it is my duty to my country to love, to support the constitution, to obey its laws. respect the flag and defend it against all enemies. >> the city holds the event every year to thank local veterans for their service of the this was just one of many across the bay area.
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weekend of the cross bay ferry are beyond expectations. more than 70% of the seats sold friday through sunday everything. the tampa bay lightning are also promoting the ferry as a convenient way to get to a lightning game. in august we helped residents reunite with $1.3 million. and now we're helping rede many residents have unclaimed money or property and don't even know about it. there are still millions of dollars unclaimed and that phone bank begins monday at 5:00 p.m., and running through the 11:00 p.m. newscast. we'll have the number up here so you can call and see what we can find you.
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just make the call. >> exactly. you could retire. i've been flooded with sunrise photos this morning. that's a look from lake hamilton. in clearwater, that beautiful photo. this is gorgeous today. barbra, john, and jim, thank you for the pictures.
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. a federal judge ordered amazon to pay back customers tens of millions of dollars after the ftc claimed the company made it too easy for kids to rack up large bills while playing games often downloaded for free. >> reporter: the court's ruling in seattle could cost amazon tens of millions of dollars, a massive refund for parents whose children downloaded game their permission. in the lawsuit filed in 2014, the federal trade commission says many of the games invite children to obtain virtual items, in contest that blur the line between what costs virtual currency and what costs real money. amazon declined comment. apple and google have settled similar lawsuits. >> my reaction when i saw the
7:44 am
play free video games downloaded from the apple app store. he clicked on virtual money that cost his mom real cash, $3,000. >> he knew that he shouldn't really be doing it, but he had no concept that he was spending real money out of my bank. >> reporter: companies have implemented safeguards. you can protect yourself by tapping onsettings, then clicking parental controls. >> i think children need an understanding that digital currency is real currency. >> reporter: morgan complained and apple gave her her money back. now amazon has been ordered to reach out to eligible parents and offer them a refund that could cost the company tens of millions of dollars.
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there. the fog may be an issue today and even tomorrow, especially north of i-4. polk county, you're looking good this morning. back out over the open water, it is 67 this morning. a little milder along coast. 60 at 8:00 this morning, more sun than clouds through the rest of the day, mid- and upper 70s coming our way. a few spots south of i-4 may top off in the low 80s later today. 54 in brooksville, starting off at 59 in fish hawk and 57 in venice this morning. water vapor imagery, at the surface we are dealing with a lot of dry air in place.
7:46 am
we look to stay rain free for today, and really for the entire weekend. aside from some of the clouds streaming by from time to time, it is shaping up to be to be a great weekend with warm mornings, warm afternoons. could have a little fog tomorrow morning. by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine coming your way. running through the college football games, usf heading to memphis, cool for that game with gamecocks heading gainesville, 72 at noon today. the u heading up to take on the cavaliers, 50 degrees and it will be cool for that game. ucf will host the bear cats, 75 degrees, and morgan state heading to tallahassee to take on the rattlers. 79 for today, 80 tomorrow. extra clouds, maybe a light shower monday or tuesday. our next push of of dry air is
7:47 am
you could need the umbrella monday and tuesday but not much expected early in the week. >> it's always exciting to arrive at holiday destinations but getting there, not so much. coming up, from screaming kids to lost luggage, tips to help you breeze through holiday
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. traveling is a road trips, screaming kids and getting through airports can be a hassle. we have some tips and tricks to make it easier. >> reporter: for many travelers, mobile entertainment is key during a long trip. that can mean head phones to drown out noisy environments. >> people tend to turn the volume up on whatever it is they're listening to, and that can cause hearing damage
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head phones block out the noise. and keep your entertainment device from dying with a portable battery pack. >> it will give you about one charge for a lot of smartphones. >> reporter: and a wallet with a built-in charger, and some come in fun shapes for kids. in-flight wi-fi can keep you connected but it is limited. >> it's fine for things like checking facebook mails but you can't download large pictures or stream videos. >> reporter: buying wi-fi access before you board can save money, as well as downloading entertainment to your device at home. lugging luggage can be another painful part of travel. >> invest in a bluetooth suitcase so you can find out
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time. the veterans day celebration continues at the box office this week. coming up, a new movie you
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. it's been all election talk these past few weeks, so to escape it for a few hours, you
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>> now that's a proper introduction. >> reporter: amy adams makes first and possibly final contact in arrival. the u.s. government taps the linguistic to communicate with aliens before other nations begin and a soldier is celebrated for the worst day of his life. a 19-year-old soldier goes to battle in iraq and is sent home for a victory tour of surviving an attack. >> i lost him that day. i lost richard in the car. >> reporter: in shut-in, a widowed psychologist with a paralyzed son agrees to take
7:56 am
he disappeared in the light, leaving only his spirit to torment the household. and there's no place like home for the holidays in almost christmas. danny glover leads the ensemble and his only wish is for the family to deck the halls, but that gift may truly take a miracle. almost christmas is rated pg- 13. that's the >> the way the weather looks, you may not be spending much time inside this weekend. >> if you don't have plans to get outside this weekend, make some. it's looking that nice. take a look right now from lakewood ranch, beautiful start to the day. the clouds are already starting to scour out a bit. we'll have passing clouds throughout the day, temperatures in the 50s and 60s and dew points are low. so that number goes low, and
7:57 am
clouds with lots of afternoon sun. 80 degrees tomorrow, picture perfect. as nice weather through the weekend but by early next week, we'll add a few more clouds and have slim rain chances as the next frontal boundary moves through, followed by another push of dry air and lots of sun. >> all right, not bad. thank you very much, ed. and thank you for joining us this morning. our next neca
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my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural. now that i work there, i value the food even more.
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i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. good morning. breaking overnight. violence at the trump protest. demonstration in portland, oregon. one person shot. the suspect on the loose. demonstrators take to the streets from coasto coast. new york, miami, l.a. even iowa and missouri. about face? after vowing to get rid of obamacare during the campaign, the president-elect may keep some parts of the plan. is it a final victory for president obama and what does it mean for you? and shakeup.


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